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Our Partners

Halcón Viajes represents the experience and solidity in the Spanish travel agency market, providing a contracting capacity without rivalry in the marketplace and always committed to ensuring the best value for money, stands out for always presenting an offer that best suits the customer.


Viajes Ecuador, provides a seal of quality and its travel concept always adapted to clients requirements.  Personalised customer service and object on comfort and familiarity, have made Viajes Ecuador an icon on loyalty.


Today both brands join Air Europa SUMA Loyalty Program.  This partnership brings the corporate support of Globalia, firm believer in the synergies between companies of the holding, ready to provide a comprehensive service at all stages of a journey and client need, where the client always comes first.


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SUMA Miles Redemption

Don´t pass by the opportunity to redeem you SUMA Miles for any for any service or product of Halcón Viajes and Viajes Ecuador.  Your SUMA Miles can be used as payment for ticket sales, shows, cruises or any holiday product.  

SUMA Miles

Gift Voucher

2.650 Miles

20 EUR

5.300 Miles

40 EUR

7.950 Miles

60 EUR

Redemption process.

  • In order to obtain a voucher the SUMA member must:
  • Call Center SUMA: 902 401 502 (Intl. 0034 971 92 78 92)
  • Access with user code. Access “Redeem Miles” / “Halcón Viajes” or  “ Redeem Miles / Viajes Ecuador” Select the voucher amount and approve. The amount of SUMA Miles used for the redemption will deducted from the members account. The system will generate an email to the SUMA member with a code associated to the voucher.  
  • The email account used will be the one that the member is registered in SUMA.
  • Using the voucher is easy, just go to any Viajes Halcón or Viajes Ecuador agency with the printed voucher and Exchange it for products or services.
  • Call Center SUMA: 902 401 502 (Intl. 0034 971 92 78 92)